Panasonic’s New Smart Hybrid NS300 PBX for SMBs

The Smart Hybrid NS300 PBX is a money-saving unified communication system engineered for small and medium businesses. The newest technology from Panasonic is highly versatile because it can be configured and adjusted depending on your company’s requirements. The NS300 PBX has IP features like integrated voicemail, mobile linking, presence information, instant messaging and e-mail. Built-in applications like mobile solution, call center solution and voicemail can also be used for more worthwhile customer experience.

What the new Smart Hybrid NS300 PBX can do for you

Enhances Communication Workflow. With built-in DISA, the NS300 can transfer customer calls even without an operator. This feature not only increases the productivity of your team but offers versatility as well. The call center function of the NS300 can be accessed without an external CTI server. It is capable of voice guidance and automatically records conversations. The feature also makes ACD report and uses NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Panasonic’s improved telephony software has new intuitive PC based applications with screen-based presence and a number of collaboration tools like incoming call pop-up, visual presence and availability, missed calls indicator, chat, one-click access to the company director and Microsoft Outlook integration.

Cuts down on costs. The hybrid system integrated on the NS300 will help your business save money as it boosts quick return of investments. DPTs, APTs and SLTs from Panasonic existing trunks can still be used so you can have replacements at lower costs. With IP Networking, you can use both IP and legacy trunks according to what your business needs.

The VoIP feature allows you to communicate with international offices anywhere in the globe without having to pay for phone charges. IP phones can be installed at a remote office even without PBX and a VPN, so long as there’s an IP Network. The NS300 can be expanded with optional cards and expansion cabinets KX-NS520 (up to 3 cabinets).

Optimal Customer Satisfaction. Have conversations over lightweight, wireless extensions with the Multi-Cell DECT Wireless System. When a customer contacts you, both your cellphone and office phone number can ring at the same time with cellular phone integration, letting you receive calls even when you’re outside the company. You can contact customers with an SIP software phone on your smartphone without incurring additional charges. You get to do these with privacy because it’s your office number that will appear on your customer’s caller ID instead of your cellular phone number.

Get the best in unified communication systems with Panasonic’s Smart Hybrid Technology. To inquire or purchase this product, contact us through:

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