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It all began with Microsoft’s aspiration to provide small business owners with big business software that works in great big ways, at low business costs. They designed the award winning Financials for Office 365 to specifically cater to the needs of SMEs. Microsoft understands that as your business grows, needs and requirements grow along with it. Other products prompt the typical: upgrades, add-ons and more installs, but unlike most competitors, Financials for Office 365 has the same back end database for every version.

For 18 months, Microsoft and Financials for Office 365 put the product under the microscope to gauge how well it would perform and if it could penetrate the SMB market. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a technology that is used globally by millions of people, Financials for Office 365 was officially launched in Australia in November 2014, where over 70 partners immediately signed up. It is now being offered in New Zealand and in the Philippines, to expand their market reach. Its core edge amongst other competitors is its optimal functionality and versatility.

With Financials for Office 365, you can store customer details and see payment histories and transactions through period reports. You can also make a sales campaign either for all your customers or a portion of your customer segment. Monitor unpaid posted sales invoice and choose between making a credit memo or canceling an unpaid sales invoice. Create flexible sales quote by offering products on negotiable terms and providing your customers accurate dates on their shipment deliveries, all with this amazing software.

Accessible and flexible. Check and manage your inventory from more than one location. Track items easier by specifying their unit of measure or costing method. Automatically or manually assign serial numbers and match physical counts to make sure it matches what’s in your system. Organize your warehouse/s by tracking bin management, picks and putaways.

Office 365

If you own multiple companies, Financials for Office 365 lets you consolidate accounting from your various businesses. Verify how your funds are distributed by putting customizable tags on customers, items, expenses and other transaction details. Automated viewing lets you do real time reports on the performance of your small business.

Keep payables in order with the capability to handle different currencies. Manage discounts negotiated by clients and create purchase credit memo. Store all your vendor details including bank accounts, invoicing and payment details and currency code. Make purchase invoice and record vendor agreements. Help your customers by allowing shipments from suppliers to be routed directly to your client.

Compare data of past transactions to identify peak seasons and meet your customers’ demands. Make sure work center capacities are accounted for when doing material planning.

Fixed Assets
You can track depreciation by monitoring fixed asset loss or gained value by using straight-line methods.

Financials for Office 365 is a definite must-have for small businesses that aim to expand in the future. Grow your business and power up your finances with the best accounting management software.

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