New King on the Block: CyberPower

The Philippines is one of those countries that suffer severely from power interruptions and outages caused by natural calamities like typhoons and strong winds. Especially in storm-prone areas, the residents are left with no choice but to stay shut in the dark when all lines are down and the entire town is experiencing blackout. Occurrences like meltdowns of power plants that yield energy, also spell bad news for the entire locality. These moments are the ones we dread, like when there’s an emergency and your battery’s dead and you can’t even contact your loved ones to tell them you’re okay.

The long-awaited solution to this recurring problem in our country has finally arrived, introducing – CyberPower. CyberPower is a multi-awarded and internationally recognized manufacturer of top-of-the-line dependable power management solutions. It is best known for powering various businesses, industries and sectors across the globe, with its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Emergency Power Systems (EPS) devices.

CyberPower EPSCyberPower UPS

EPS products are devices that are used to supply power during outages or brownouts. To put it plainly, it’s the pros of your generator, none of the cons, and a bunch of other helpful features. Forget about the noise and the smoke ‘cause you’ll see none of that with CyberPower’s EPS devices. It can handle resistive loads, security systems, inductive loads, large appliances and heavy loads as well. It has a multi-function LCD read out so you can check the device details. It’s also handy because it has wheels and a handle for ease of mobility. Its applicability goes beyond households because it’s perfect for businesses as well.

On the other hand, CyberPower’s UPS products are being used by top grocery chains and retail stores in America. Here in the Philippines alone, it has supplied 5,000 UPS units to the grocery chain of the largest local mall empire. CyberPower dominates the North American region and is the No. 1 Telecom DC UPS in the entire world. With over 102 patents across Germany, Taiwan, China and the United States, it is considered one of the top 6 brands in the world.

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