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Fire is without a doubt one of the scariest and most life-threatening accidents that can happen to anyone. Whether, it’s at home, in transport or in a business establishment, a person who’s been in a predicament involving fire will attest to how horrifying the experience was. Fire prevention or preparedness isn’t a matter that should be shrugged off especially when you’re talking about your home or business property.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed gruesome and unforgettable fire accidents that have claimed the lives of innocent people. 3 of the worst incidents in our history all took place in business establishments, the first of which is the Ozone Disco fire. Ranked the 7th worst club fire in the world, with 162 people killed, this is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and worst fire incidents our country has seen. The Manor Hotel fire which left 75 people dead and 57 injured, is considered the worst local hotel fire ever. Last but not least, the fire at Kentex Slipper Factory, which left 74 persons trapped to their death.

Ironically, despite the drop in number of fire cases reported at the early months of this year, the death toll of fire victims increased when compared to last year’s statistics. Records from the Bureau of Fire Protection show that 66 people were killed between January to February, 8 people more than last year. 173 persons were injured versus last year’s 158.

What do these incidents imply? We’ll never know when tragedy strikes so it’s best that we follow guidelines and safety precautions so we can protect our loved ones and the things we value.

Prevention is better than cure

Fire detection systems and alarms are very helpful in circumstances like these. Being proactive is very important because it can help save many lives. Make sure your office has all the necessary equipment in case the unexpected happens. Adhere to all standards being regulated by the BFP to prevent catastrophes like death and loss of investment.

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