P55.3 B allocated for STEM Subjects – DepEd

The Department of Education has proposed a revised P567.5 billion budget for the year 2017, P55.3 billion of which is set to go to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects in public high schools and elementary schools nationwide.

The improved basic education curriculum was integrated with Science and Technology lessons to stimulate curiosity and process skills through environment exploration, develop essential knowledge of scientific inquiry by exploring the environment, enhance technological and environmental literacy and instill the importance of scientific research on global issues by addressing real-life problems that affect the nation.

DepEd has allotted P6.9 billion for more than 30, 000 ICT packages, P4.5 billion for nearly 9, 000 Science and Math equipment packages, and P43.9 billion for more than 17, 5000 laboratories.


To raise student interest and awareness for Science and Technology, the Department of Education holds the National Science and Technology Fair (NSTF) at school, division and regional levels consistently. An Innovation Expo, Pinoy Robot Games, a crowdsourcing event and an annual robotics competition promoting technology in real-life situations are just some of the activities that fill the said occasion.

DepEd Assistant Secretary G.H. Ambat stated that the agency looks to improve the number of Filipinas in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. Our country has 722, 889 teachers that hone and nurture 25.4 million students. Quoting some of her statements, “Currently, we have an estimated 721,000 Filipino STEM professionals, with more men than women. The challenges are to encourage and retain more women in the field and ultimately enable them to become innovators and leaders,”

“We would like to see more Filipino women making ripples of change and making a name for themselves in the highly competitive field of STEM, because more women in STEM means an economy that is adapting, developing, constantly moving forward,” she added.

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