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QuickBooks Online (QBO) is top tech company Intuit’s version of cloud accounting. It is considered one of the best, if not the best software for Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprises. Way even before they ventured into the cloud, QuickBooks already was a familiar and established name in accounting technology software. Its features were optimized to make the work of accountants and business owners more seamless.

Each entrepreneur has his or her own preferences. Businessmen are after all, customers like any of us. QuickBooks Online, like its predecessor QuickBooks, is a popular choice of business owners for a number of reasons.

QuickBooks Online saves you money

QBO is one of the lowest-priced accounting software for Small and Medium Businesses. The one-user plan is perfect for sole proprietors who do the accounting themselves. It doesn’t fall short of features that are essential in managing your finances. The set-up cost is also a definite steal. You can log into QuickBooks Online using different gadgets, including your mobile phone, making it highly accessible.

Versatility is key

Don’t let the price tag fool you because QBO has commands that are perfect for all customer types. Whether you’re a freelancer or you’re running a small business; whether you’re a neophyte or your business is at its peak, QBO’s features are customizable, depending on what you need.

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Navigate in a breeze

If you hate complicated then you’ve found your answer. One of the strongest selling points of QuickBooks Online is that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to work your way around different commands to find what you’re looking for.

Hassle-free third-party software integration

QBO is compatible with third party software that helps you minimize manual labor making your tasks easier to handle.

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