DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES: Vinea Distribution, Inc. (VDI), , the licensed distributor of NComputing products in the Philippines, finally introduces what is tagged as NComputing’s most important product in 5 years. An event was held at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City, on July a28, 2016, to showcase the newest powerhouse in network virtualization, the MX100.

A parallel occasion previously held at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig City in Metro Manila, was attended by a sizable number of resellers and representatives from 34 different companies.


Both events highlighted the latest offerings from NComputing, the two variants of the MX100: the MX100D and the MX100S.

The MX100 is an easy to set up access device which was co-conceptualized with ideas from NComputing’s existing customer bank. It runs on vSpace Software from the host, and then distributes information on its secondary servers. Both S and D variants come with 3 devices: 1 primary device and 2 satellite devices. MX100S kits use an adapter and can be installed to an existing LAN infrastructure. Multiple MX100S Standard Edition kits and a single vSpace Server can support up to 45 users.

The MX100D on the other hand, uses a PCIe card and can accommodate up to 9 users when paired with 2 MX100S kits. Some specifications shared by both the D and the S versions include a USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse, USB 2.0 peripheral support and microphone & audio.

NComputing keeps exceeding expectations as they continue coming up with innovations and products that are not only economical but top of line in the technology field. Manish Sharma, NComputing’s Vice President for Sales in the Asia-Pacific Region, discussed why their merchandise have been by far, successful in terms of worldwide sales and distribution. They follow a philosophy of simplicity and smartness, which is the core concept behind the protocols of their algorithm and integration.

A standard computation and comparison on standard computer set ups and an NComputing set up shows a significant difference in price, efficiency and data security. A regular 10-computer set up in a typical school classroom can muster a total cost of around P440,000, which includes all hardware devices. An MX100 set which can support the same number of computers will only cost around P155,000, which is approximately 65% cheaper.

The Department of Education is NComputing’s largest customer in world. In this agency alone, they have already distributed a total number of 325,000 units of their products. To date, they have more than 20 million customers around the world, 10% of which are us Filipinos.

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