Id Card Printer

Pointman ETS
Pointman ETS



Card print outs should consistently be high-quality from the first piece to the last. Pointman's high-tech devices are both easy to use and technologically advanced so it makes card printing both seamless and efficient.

The TP-9200 PLASTIC CARD PRINTER gets up and running whenever you're ready for work, with the Card DesignerTM software and printer driver pre-installed. Pointman devices are best in class and affordable.

ㆍEasy to Print Photo ID Card
ㆍReliable to Encode MagStripe/IC/RF Card
ㆍFlexible Card Printer for the Daily Card Printing

ㆍColor & Monochrome printing
ㆍIndividual card slot for reprinting
ㆍEasy to exchange ribbon & TPH
ㆍDesign software ‘TheDesigner’
ㆍVideo CD & Maintenance Manual
ㆍRFID ribbon protection
ㆍStrong encoding based on long banking experience